Locally Owned and Operated

1985- Bellevue 's Favorite- 2019

Miller's Drive  In

1345 East Main St.

Bellevue, OH 44811


Specials August 19-25

Sandwich of the week-

Roast Beef $4.00


Millerboy or Millergirl with a 16 ounce milkshake or French Fries $6.50 or have all 3 for $8.00

Tuesday: Bacon Cheeseburger and French Fries $5.75

  Bacon, Egg & Cheese on a croissant $2.25           


Tossed, 3 bean, potato, macaroni or slaw

Wednesday - $1.00 off Salads

  Jan's, Grilled Chicken, Taco, Chef or Buffalo Chicken

6 Wing Zings and French Fries $6.50


Shredded Chicken Sandwich $2.50

Egg Salad Sandwich $3.00

on white or wheat, bread or toast

on a croissant $3.50

Ballreichs chips $.60 Frito Lay $.50

Friday-  Shrimp Cup $5.25

           Barbecue Beef Sandwich $3.75

           Fish Square Sandwich $3.00

         Egg Salad $3.00 on white or wheat,

              bread or toast        Croissant $3.50


Saturday -

Kid's Meals $3.25

Hot Dog, Mini Millerboy, Chicken O's,

Grilled Cheese, Mac n Cheese Bites or Corn Dog

​Seasonal Items and Flavors

Sweet Potato Fries $2.75/$5.00 served with cinnamon brown sugar and butter or cream sauce

Pepperoni Pizza Bites $4.00

served with spaghetti sauce

Homemade Pumpkin, Black Cherry, Key Lime

and Peach Ice Cream

Salted Caramel Pecan Flurry

Peach Raspberry Frozen Yogurt

Strawberry swirl low fat no sugar added ice cream

Mango Dole Whip

Pumpkin Caramel Pecan Sundae

Pumpkin Roll Sundae

Pumpkin Pie or Cheesecake Flurries

Pumpkin Shakes

Jan's Salad- grilled chicken on a bed of spinach with 3 bean salad, walnut and raisins, served with a grilled roll

3 bean salad - green, wax and kidney beans with celery, green peppers and onions $1.75/$3.75

New- Spicy Sweet Thai Chili Sauce for Shrimp,
Wings or Chicken!